SWAA Rumble for Human Rights

Social Welfare Action Alliance invites you to

June 8 – 11, 2017

Are you a social work professional or social work student concerned about water shutoffs, water scarcity, unsafe water, or unaffordable water for low income people?

If you said yes, we invite you to participate in this social work and human services track within the 2nd International Gathering of Social Movements on Water. Join this rumble of people involved in social welfare and human services (in any capacity) to analyze how the denial of water rights is connected to the struggle for all human rights. Plus, adapt lessons from the water rights movement to our other work for justice, and create a practice model of radical resistance and transformation.

The Rumble for Human Rights takes place Friday, June 9 -- the same afternoon as the 2nd National Legal and Legislative Summit on Water.  For more information, see SWAA's Rumble for Human Rights website or contact Mary Bricker-Jenkins, coordinator

Note: SWAA Rumble for Human Rights participants will have to register on both the SWAA website and this Social Movement website.