Legal-Legislative Summit on Water

The 2nd National Legal and Legislative Summit on Water is bringing together attorneys, legislators, policy makers, analysts, utility experts and community speakers who are working with local, state and national advocates for the human right to safe, accessible, affordable water.

This day-long gathering is organized by the Lyda Pro Bono Legal/Legislative Committee and is open to professional practitioners and community participants working on legal and legislative solutions to water problems. The 1st Summit in May 2015 was a large success and lead to the creation of the National Coalition for Legislation on Affordable Water (NCLAWater). It was created to adopt federal and state legislation establishing affordable water and sanitation services, ensuring that every person has access to safe, affordable water and sanitation.

Activities will include:
  • Opening remarks
  • Recalling the 2015 Legal & Legislative Summit on Water
  • Legal and Legislative cases by U.S. regions, plus lived experience speakers.
  • Indigenous community legal cases
  • Keynote speaker
  • National legislative policies 
  • Analyses and strategies
  • Closing summary

Registration is required to participate in the 2nd National Legal and Legislative Summit on Water.
For more information, contact Alice Jennings, coordinator.